Project Description

We provided turnkey installation for this entire project which included site work, foundations, concrete structures and slabs, structural steel and erection, equipment installation, process and control piping, instrumentation installation, and electrical power and controls. All of these items are housed inside of a pre-cast concrete building. We also provided miscellaneous construction such as CMU, light gauge metal stud with gypsum wall board offices, break rooms, restrooms and laboratories. The owner had committed to sales from the new addition so it was imperative that we be prepared when the equipment arrived, as the entire breeder stock would have to be committed to production immediately in order to meet the sales targets. Hunt Industries adhered to a rigorous schedule of deadlines in order to ensure that production would continue uninterrupted and avoid costly delays. We established a construction team to interact with the owner and Hatchery Planning to accomplish these goals. As with all poultry facilities, bio-security, and utility control was required.