Providing an Edge: Hunt Industries

When a company decides to partner with Hunt Industries to complete an industrial construction project, they are getting a company that provides a true advantage throughout the entire building process. Our experienced staff gives a level of experience and high-quality workmanship most of our competition cannot provide.

Our Sister Companies Are Available Too

In addition to our people, when allied with Hunt Industries on an industrial construction project, companies also receive the support and dedication of our other divisions:

  1. Advanced Rental: Advanced Rental owns and provides all the necessary equipment to get the project done. They have many different types of mechanical equipment available, including cranes, tractors, forklifts, aerial equipment tractors and more. Advanced Rental has a crane to get the task done, no matter the needs. They have truck-mounted, rough-terrain, carry-deck and all-terrain cranes.
  2. Advanced Vessel & Alloy: Advanced Vessel and Alloy is a metal and steel fabrication company that maintains ASME, API and AISC proficiency. AVA assists our clients with custom fabricated needs of any size and alloy. Our in-shop fabrication service providers give our customers high-quality, in-house fabrication every time.

Hunt Industries Handles Any Project, Any Place at Any Time

Over the years, our experienced workforce has been lauded for their ability to adapt efficiently to any sort of industrial construction project. We’ve handled installations, builds, upgrades and repairs across challenging terrain and difficult environments. We also provide 24-hour emergency service, which helps support projects that need to be done during a tight timeframe or schedule.

Get ready to experience superior quality, professional craftsmanship, 24-hour emergency service and incredible support in industrial construction. Contact Hunt Industries today for a free initial consultation with one of our expert team members. Let’s lay the groundwork for that next industrial construction project today!