The Skills of Our Employees Help Save Time & Money

Imagine having all the resources to complete a construction project right at the touch of a finger. Hunt Industries makes that possibility a reality with what we bring to the table.

We are proud of the skills our employees have brought to, and acquired at, Hunt Industries. This skill set lets our customers know they will receive a finished product done quickly and with precision, ultimately saving them precious time and money.

A Variety of Skilled Labor for a Variety of Specialty Construction Projects

From the inception of any specialty construction project to its end, Hunt Industries has consistently shown our customers the benefits of having a talented in-house staff. Our professional construction experts can adapt to any need that should arise throughout the entire lifecycle of an industrial project.

The skills of our workforce include:

  • Concrete (structural and foundations)
  • Structural steel
  • Millwright work
  • Field-welded tanks of any material
  • Piping
  • Welding
  • API 650 & 620 vessels
  • Metal buildings
  • & more

See the Benefits of Our Experience

Specific challenges and critical needs come up during any construction project – how a company responds to those challenges is what defines them. We trust our staff because we’ve seen them in action and we know they can handle just about anything a project can throw at them. How quickly a construction company responds to surprises helps determine their worth to their customers. We are ultra-responsive — partner with our team of industry insiders.

Prepare to receive experience superior quality, professional craftsmanship, 24-hour emergency service and incredible support in industrial construction. Contact Hunt Industries today for a free initial consultation with one of our expert team members. Let’s lay the groundwork for an outstanding industrial construction project today!